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Nyo-Burger's Journal

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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
7:05 pm - It all happens so fast.
I start a journal, end it, and begin again. Someone nagged me into getting a Xanga site, its basically a journal, only more website-ish, well whatever. If you care its Here

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Saturday, April 20th, 2002
9:09 pm - Emo Article
I was eating lunch on friday when a friend of mine said,
"Did you read the article on emo."
"NO!" I replied excited, "where is it."
To my disgust I found the article judgemental and inaccurate. The author, CHrista Miller, has lost any kind of respect I had or could ever had. That article showed tastelessness and utter ignorance. Never in my life did I ever believe CHrista could cause me to find her utterly disgusting, but I did. I was filled with this sensation of utter abhorance.
This had nothing to do with the subject, it had to do with her information. She refered to Limp bizket, Stained, and linkin park as emo. ANyone who knows anything about emo knows these bands aren't. Most emo-ish kids I know hate these band, but there's christa preaching away. Upon finishing her reading people around me were filled with false impressions of emo. MOst believed it was just another kind of gothic. BUt whatever, I'm getting angry again, I'll be back to finish this.

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Thursday, April 18th, 2002
8:20 pm - Jackass
How is it that people could create a show about people mistreating themselves and others. How can people produce a show based on pure immaturity. The show Jackass did just that, and yet my brothers are in the next room over laughing at people running into each other, trees, and anything else they can. Who funds this show, and why are people dumb enough to watch it.
As to people, I gazed out over the ampitheatre and was shocked at how many people were doing really stupid things. This is one of many observations I've been doing. I've decided once a day I will stop at a different place and just watch people. More often than not I am met with shear stupididty. Oh well, bitching does no good, only action does.

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2002
3:15 pm - Ugh!
I hate letting people get to me, but it happens. Today Laurece decided she was going to talk shit to matt about me in front of me. Then talk crap to me, all because I was talking to a 7th grader about why I don't like the rodeo. She basically said we shouldn't have oppinions till we are 18, cuz thats the only time they matter. SHe's such a bitch, but people like being around her. I hate being near her, but she sat where I normally do, she just...gets to me. SHe thinks shes so fucking better than the rest of us, thats she's this super mature goddes and we should all realize we're dumb pricks. Well fuck her. She hates seeing people who are Idealistic, but if your not Idealistic, what are you fighting for, and if your not fighting why are you still here.

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